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1 888 Sport Bet
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2 Spin Sports
  • US Players Accepted: NO
  • Bonus: up to $200
  • License: Malta
  • Software: Microgaming
$200 Free Bet
3 My Bookie Sport book
  • Date Established: 2014
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Software: Digital Gaming Solutions
  • US Customers: YES
100% Up To $1,000

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1 My Bookie Sport book
  • Date Established: 2014
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Software: Digital Gaming Solutions
  • US Customers: YES
100% Up To $1,000
2 Spin Sports
  • US Players Accepted: NO
  • Bonus: up to $200
  • License: Malta
  • Software: Microgaming
$200 Free Bet
  • License: Malta United Kingdom
  • Bonus: 100%
  • Bonus Code: NL100
  • USA Players: NO
Deposit €100 Bet with €200!

Online Sportsbook Review

Information is power. You probably have heard of this old adage countless times but you have never stopped to think of its implications. Well, think of it this way; you have worked so hard and as they always say, your hard work indeed paid off.

What next? The next thing is to think of where to put your money and get some returns out of it and hopefully, have fun in the process. You have even considered a sportsbook as one of your top investment options. Nice move. But here comes the challenge; finding the right sportsbook in which to put your resources and time.

That’s some homework that might not be easy to crack without the help of reliable and resourceful websites like The website has actionable intel that could you narrow down to the specific product that is in line with your gambling needs without the fear of falling victim to fraudsters masquerading as sportsbook operators.

Such a website is an answer to many punters who are looking to explore various gambling categories. Diversity is always appreciated and the website ensures that you have a wide array of categories that you can select from after having undertaken rigorous vetting and determined the suitability of the operators. Reputation comes ranks top of the list when looking to engage a gambling company. Having the assurance of your security, best odds and great customer service should be a top priority. is your number one authoritative site for a comprehensive and unbiased review of the online sportsbooks sites. Here are the most important factors to take into consideration while searching for gambling site:

Payment Options

Payment options are very important because they are determine whether your gambling experience will be worthwhile. If you are satisfied a site’s banking options, chances are high that you will become their repeat customer. That cannot happen if you are disgruntled and unhappy with how the gambling company handles its money matters.

What exactly should you look for in a gambling company’s payment options? The very first consideration is the level of diversity that the site gives to the banking options. The more, the better, since you have the privilege of choosing that which works for you best. Some of the most popular banking options include MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller and the list is endless. Additionally, the site with banking options that take the least number of days to process withdrawals is more appealing than that which takes ages before you could receive your cash.

Licensing and Regulations

Always take advantage of the online bookmaker reviews when looking for the relevant gambling regulations and laws in your locality. These rules differ depending on the region, and so be sure to check out the specific regulations governing gambling in your region.

Customer Service

If you find yourself on a site that has a very unresponsive customer service, raise your safety antennae. Whereas other websites have very comprehensive FAQs section, this most often than not does not help in circumstances where a customer needs immediate clarification on a pressing problem. A live chat in such a desperate moment of need would do the magic. That implies that the site should have customer support representatives that speak the language of the customer so that again, language barrier does not bar you from the ultimate gambling experience.

The difference between a gambling site that makes a memorable gambling session for its customers and that one that breaks it is a happy customer service experience. Competition is very stiff in the online gambling industry and a site that pays keen attention to this area is sure to be in good books with its customers. To be sure of the kind of the betting site you are about to sign up with, always make reference to our online bookmaker for reviews and heads up on the go zones as well as the danger zones.

Best Odds

Betting is about getting value for your money. Of course luck plays some role in helping you beat the hose in its game. However, the betting site should offer its punters a considerable probability of winning. After all, that’s what every bettor wants, right? Whatever happens, do not be blinded by the many promotions that a site might offer. Although these are big incentives, they can never substitute the need for fair odds that increase your chances of making a good kill out of your investment.

Our online reviews serve to point you towards betting sites that offer you a chance to buck some good win. It is never a matter of solely relying on chance and so don’t be too naïve when it comes finding best odds and poker.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are the main catchment area that majority of the bookies are tapping into to get new bettors on their site. The traditional bonuses include welcome free bets and customer bonuses. In the recent past, there are great additions to the bonuses’ kitty that the online betting sites have invented to ensure that bettors are hooked to their sites indefinitely. Some of these include matching deposit bonus, reload bonuses as well as mobile betting bonuses. Better still, there are sites that offer their loyal customers free cash in the event of a nil-nil game. To find out where to get such great offers and promotions, checkout what online sportsbook have in their listings.

Customer Friendly Interface

Online betting would be very frustrating if a site is very complicated in terms of navigation. A customer-centered gambling website will go to the extent of ensuring that its site is very easy for their customers to pick their way around. In such a case, the gambler has only the sole business of focusing on the gambling experience with many unnecessary distractions already taken out of the way. This aspect is also taken into keen consideration by sportsbook reviewer during vetting and rating of betting sites.

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Handling Sports Betting Like an Enterprise

The gambling manuals compiled for novices' centers basically on the reasons various players outlay funds while engaging in their gambling pursuits. Also, it further gives details on basic tactics which a gambler can adopt for a successful betting outcome.

For a player to remain active in the gambling industry, he/ she must have self-control & able to assess him/herself, which are made available addressed in this write-up.

As a sports gambler, probably you have intentions to get to a level of an expert in your betting pursuits, there is no shortcut method. You must get yourself devoted & take it seriously in the same way you'll run a business.

An instance is a bar; for the proper running of the business, it necessary to keep transaction records, follow up on your gains, returns & purchases. Also, develop better techniques to draw more purchasers to your services. Likewise, in the same manner, Its also crucial to dissect your gambling engagement primarily to increase the chances of attaining substantial winnings & the procedures involved.

At times, it's challenging for a player to handle sports betting precisely like a typical enterprise. This deed is because virtually, all gamblers tend to perceive betting as a means to catch fun & relaxation. Besides, few admit betting to be something lucrative have a different mentality entirely from the majority.

Setting Aside a Finance Sheets & Archives

Should in case you desire to stake bets proficiently, it's advisable to put away the betting finances entirely from your remaining funds. The use of bankroll kept independently enables a player to monitor earnings & losings effortlessly. Besides, it intellectually simplifies the betting process to stake based on your intents.

Failure to keep aside expenditures of your sports gambling finances makes it cumbersome to monitor & dissect every segment. It thereby leads to confusion regarding the results of your stakes &wrong follow-up of one's earnings & losings.

If at all you set aside an investment document or not, it's often better to maintain comprehensive documentation illustrating your stakes & the entire results in a concise approach.

The document is vital for easy access to overall performances & breakdown of each bet at the close of every month. These actions are a crucial aspect of sports gambling procedures. Besides, it enables a player to have a clearer perspective of his / her progress, if it's satisfactory or there is need to buckle up.

Data Assessments| Establish a Unique Game Plan

Before commencing sports gambling, it's wise to develop a unique game plan & adhere to the policy.

Nevertheless, that doesn't translate to not persistently modernize & establish the game plan at a later time.

Since the industry is continually going through modifications, it's therefore unattainable to keep on winning if you neglect to alter your techniques appropriately on a timely basis.

The updates of these unique techniques need to suit the statistics gathered, which depicts the necessities to have a comprehensive record of bets engagements to attain excellence.

To discern if the current tournament is rewarding to place bets over some periods, it's better to have a full sheet showing the entire stake & individual outcomes. Also, it enables a player to effect necessary amendments to the planned approach.

At least each month or two, a gambler ought to separate a day to evaluate the previous stakes.

Check through the leaflets, examine the stakes made & review them in bits for easy comprehension. Take a critical look at the following questions;

  • Which plan contributes to actualizing the successful bets?
  • What made you fail some gamble?
  • Are you always unfortunate at so many instances, or do you make bad choices which make you lose funds?

Review Your Non-rewarding preferences

Regardless of your betting proficiency in sports gambling, there are scenarios whereby bad choices often result in a bet loss. These reactions are usual & okay. On the other hand, its crucial while reviewing the outcomes to discover the areas where you adopt imperfect choices.

Endeavor to grasp the reasons it's done & figure out a message from it to avoid repetition of such mistakes on subsequent time bets.

There are several inspirations a gambler will get himself involved in a poor gamble, while it's at times associated with greediness & pride.

It is quite typical that some sets of people that establishes an active sports bets decide to brag to their acquaintances or their peers. While losing bets are usually made primarily to pass out a message.

Furthermore, the majority of sports gamblers often get covetous in some periods. However, it's pertinent to avoid any of these factors that affect your gambling style.

More bad scenarios than pride & covetousness are possible to cause depression. It often results in Gambling when there are just no rewarding bets to place.

On such occasions, it's possible to see experienced gamblers staking funds on insignificant bets, not appealing. It's not advisable to engage in such acts.

The sports betting platform engage in convincing gamblers with their broadcast & exhibition interactions. While, all decent player must genuinely evaluate every single broadcast, incentives & commissions packages. Also, it's necessary to make a rational decision probably to adopt the offer rather than bouncing into any offer advertised.

Generally, its more vital than discovering reasons for successful bets is the same for abortive bets. Losings do occur in sports gambling due to deviation & misfortune. It's better to do everything possible to get rid of any losses that could emanate from other elements which a player ought to have control.

Conclusion | Perceive Gambling as a source of livelihood / Business Pursuits

Take note; you might have spent years having mindsets that Gambling is primarily carried out for entertainment. Whereas it's now something to hold onto as a source of income/enterprises.

Endeavor not to allow your feelings, covetousness, gloominess or other likely determinants dictates for you. Do ensure to remain focused & think tactically of the subsequent decision. Irrespective of the number of bets loss consecutively, avoid deviating from the concept of a winning game plan.

A player can gamble anyhow once he/she desist from his / her game plan. The idea centers on discovering rewarding bets; therefore, engage in making profitable gambles have a track on each bet, winnings, and losings. Also, the lengthy outcomes will clearly illustrate all that you need if it's indeed a good bet session.