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Basketball Betting Basics

Drawn out over a much larger scale, if a bookmaker takes in exactly $110,000 in bets on each side of a basketball betting game, he stands to profit $10,000. To compensate for the 'vig', online basketball betting fans must win 52.38 percent of their bets to break even (provided they all are of an equal amount).

Basketball betting fans can also bet on the total number of points scored between two teams. In these instances, basketball betting fans simply would decide whether they want to do online basketball betting on a 'OVER' or 'UNDER' bet. If the combined final score matches the total, bets are refunded.

Another type of basketball bet is called a 'parlay,' which involves two or more outcomes as part of the same bet. In order to win a basketball betting parlay, all of the components must win. The payouts for parlays is much greater than for straight bets. Parlay cards are the most popular basketball betting option. Every sportsbook offers a variety of options and combinations. An example of how a parlay card traditionally pays out appears below.

2-teamer  13 to 5
3-teamer  6 to 1
4-teamer  10 to 1
5-teamer  20 to 1
6-teamer  40 to 1

Another type of wager is a 'teaser,' which offers basketball betting fans more advantageous point spreads in exchange for lower payoffs. When betting a teaser, bettors are given 4, 4½, or 5 points for basketball betting. Proceed at your own risk. They're called teasers for a good reason. There is so much information available these days that well-informed players should be one step ahead of their bookmaker.

Shopping around for the best basketball betting numbers is critical. Although very few exist, some people bet sports professionally. It also is important for basketball betting fans to risk only what they can afford to lose.

Gamblers who do not check their basketball betting tickets before leaving sportsbook counters could walk away with an erroneous bet. Mistakes can be made. Once customers walk away, they have no recourse.

A futures basketball bet provides an entire season's worth of action at a small price. This form of basketball betting often involves picking a NBA title winner weeks or months before the actual event. Intertops is an incredible sportsbook that we recommend do to its excellence in the world of basketball betting. We have seen many satisfied basketball bettors leave this site. Find the best bonuses and best client service at Intertops. Start winning by depositing through: Neteller, Credit Card, Western Union.

A relatively new, but popular gimmick is halftime betting. Halftime wagering involves betting on a new point spread and total once the opening two quarters are complete. These could be good chances to press an original bet or to 'get off' if bettors feel they have no chance.