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Online Hockey Betting

Online Hockey Betting has really come on strong in recent years as a betting sport. There's a perception that Vegas pays less attention to online hockey betting than basketball betting in the winter…so that the betting lines are even more vulnerable to sharp players. Also, the growth of the offshore sportsbook betting industry has helped the boost in activity, because many bookmakers on the mainland didn't want to take the time to deal with online hockey betting.

Some places uses what are called "puck lines," others use a baseball betting type money line and you have to pick the winner. And most are now using a combination of the two.

A "puck line" works much like a point spread, except that there's a half goal difference between the favorite and the underdog, and there's no 10% vigorish. You'll see a line like 1 1/2/2, which means you can take the underdog plus 1 _ goals, or take the favorite minus two goals. A hockey betting "money line" generally works like the one in baseball betting, except sometimes you will also be laying or getting a half a goal, a goal and a half, or other variations depending on what the sports book decides to post. For example, the betting odds on a game may have the favorite -130 and minus half a goal. If you wanted the favorite, you'd have to risk in a 13/10 ration, and your hockey betting team would have to win the game. If you wanted the underdog, you could time or lose…and you'd receive either a 10/11 or a 10/12 payoff depending on your sportsbook.