Betting Facts & Betting Fiction

Betting FactsWhat are the facts and fictions that you as a gambler thinks guides the Game of betting? Certainly, everyone has different ideas and perceptions regarding gambling. We don't learn about the facts or ideas we put up in our arguments while defending our love for betting from schools or any institution. Analysis has shown that our love for the game, society, and the love of money has helped us develop the moral standings we have towards betting.

Years ago, a lot of gamblers would not be able to come out proudly to say they are professional gamblers without being ridiculed. But in the society we leave in today, professional gamblers are being sought out for with so much intensity that a lot of people end up giving their money away to fraudsters for baseless predictions all in the name of professionals.

The internet brought with it a whole new evolution to betting both in a casino or online sportsbooks. To get a full view of all the leading and misleading facts and fictions that might enable you to become a better gambler, read along.


Addiction is certain

Just like every alcoholic or smoker finds it hard to admit that they are addicted to the substance, so does gamblers also find it hard to admit that they are addicted. Who doesn’t love the feel of money multiplying in an instance? Within the twinkle of an eye, you would get a pay worth more than a whole week, months or even years of hard work. Letting go of such an opportunity would be seen as foolish, so you would keep on staking forgetting that you are also losing funds that are worth years of hard work.

Losing comes more than winnings

A lot of players claim to be professional gamblers stating that they win more than they lose. It’s very possible to win more than you lose in betting but that would require a very huge account balance and lots of hard work which can be seen as the major problem that leads players to casino or betting site. Most gamblers who frequent a betting site are in need of funds making it impossible for them to have the huge account balance required to keep the winnings coming. So be rest assured that you would experience a lot of loss but that doesn't mean you won’t celebrate good wins.

Quitting is Possible

Quitting from sports betting would seem impossible if you have accumulated big wins. But we can tell you from experience that a lot of players actually do get tired of the whole pressure anticipating a positive return puts on them and call it a quit. Quite alright, quitting is not easy, making the decision to quit is not going to be easy because you would find a hundred reasons to continue and five reasons why you should quit. Just keep it in mind that you can at one stage get fed up and quit.


Sports betting is a game of luck

Rolling dice and playing roulette can be considered luck, not sports betting. Every gambler who has had the opportunity of playing sports betting for over 2 years would have realised that it is not a game of luck. Yes, at times watching unimaginable games play might be impossible to predict beforehand but a lot of times imaginable games do take precedence over the unimaginable ones. Successful gamblers know when and where to call it a quit, how to say no when the odds are not in their favour, and past experience guiding their paths. So if you don’t have the necessary qualities to excel in betting just putting your hopes on stats and predictions from other punters, then you can call it luck when or if you get a positive return.

Betting online is not safe

Online betting has been around for a long time now with a lot of gamblers patronizing the service more than they do to an actual betting house. It’s kind of annoying when you hear people say online betting is not safe. Yes, they might be right in the sense that they are a lot of fraudulent sites that would scam you of your money but the amount of legitimate site that offers top-notch services are of higher numbers compared to the fraudulent site. All you need to do is a little research about the legitimacy of the site of your choice before registering.

Sports betting is for Maths Genius

As much as the odds are represented in numbers you don’t need to apply algebra to a game to know its pay-out potentials. being a Maths genus is not necessary for sports betting. All you need to do is to get accustomed with the odds and understand the stats behind them, you don’t need any further calculations beyond that. So maths might basic maths knowledge might be important but you don’t need to have a degree in maths to excel in sports betting.

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