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Sports betting is increasingly becoming popular by each day. The number of people participating keeps on skyrocketing perhaps an indication of the numerous benefits that come with it. According to statistics released from a recent economic survey, billions of dollars are collectively spent by bettors from all over the world on sports betting. Not just that, there has been a staggering increase in the number of people winning from the same thanks to the tips offered by online betting guide and other important resources.

Actually, betting on sports has given rise to some overnight millionaires who went to be broke and walk stinking rich. At this point, you might to cancel out the old and archaic perception that sports betting is fraudulent scheme that is meant to defraud spots lovers of their hard-earned cash.

It works and if hasn’t worked for is probably because you are too apprehensive to try out the tips provided in online betting guide. In fact, you do not have to look far, in your circle of friends, there is someone who has won one or several bets or better still, and they have hit the jackpot amount.

So there you are and you are wondering the secret code or the magic wand that those who win big utilize to do it. You are even asking yourself why it can’t ever be you that is winning it big. You have even rightfully convinced that if it is a matter of passion, you are more passionate about sports than some of those fellows that scooped the jackpot.

This online betting guide you in on the most important facts that you should know to sharpen and horn your betting skills so that you join the elite league and start winning like them. The article includes everything right from the definition of the term to the dos and don’ts that should see you become a better bettor.

Betting is defined as the attempt to predict the outcomes of a specific event or results in the future, especially sports. That includes items such as the number of goals, the outcomes of a tennis match, the winning horse in a racecourse tournament amongst many other betting items. There are also live bets that allow you to place your bets as the game continues and if you re calculative and lucky enough, you just be another winner hat is smiling all the way to the bank.


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Misconceptions and Biases against Online Betting

There is no better place to begin then here since some of the misconceptions that shared here can easily derail you and make you give up on your love for the sport. The first one is that online bookies are nothing but scams. That is a totally white lie that has no basis whatsoever. Why?

There is no single online bookie that will be allowed to operate particularly in the UK without first having been duly registered and certified. You will know this when you come across a Gambling Commission Logo that is located at the bottom of the website. Besides this, the bookie must be licensed by the gambling authority in the corresponding area of jurisdiction such as the Malta Gaming Authority – MGA.

The moment you see those two, you can rest assured that you are in a safe and sound gaming environment. You only need to worry about betting and getting the most out of the entire experience. To avoid the scammer sites, always make a point of consulting reviews such as the one provided in this online betting guide. Such reviews will clarify important features of the websites and raise a red flag to stop you from being defrauded by certain sites.

Always put your security first by checking the licensing of a given site, reading their terms and conditions as well as going through their FAQs which might have some hidden but critical information.

Types of Bets

As an ardent bettor, it is important that you familiarize with main types of bets so that you get you started into you gambling journey. This information is important because it will organize your betting experience.

Horse racing is a peculiar kind of betting that is also quickly becoming popular among punters and other lovers of sports betting. You have the option of either backing the horse, driver or greyhound to win with each of the way boxes ticked gives you a winning opportunity you will find in no other place. Alternatively, you can Tricasts bets also avail you the same opportunity especially with the top three places.

Each-way bets have an advantage such that they can be placed in the outright winner markets for maximum benefit. You can select and add more to your betting slips such that you will have better odds of landing wins. If you are looking for better security and insurance, you can always try out the permutations so that you get an opportunity to back countless selections of winning combinations.

Bonuses and Offers

Welcome bonuses serve a basic function making you feel at home by giving you more playtime or enhanced odds, or free bets. The free bets require that you first deposit, before proceeding to the claim the offer.
Always remember to read the terms and conditions as well as visiting the FAQs section to know more about the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits and such kind of useful information. Whenever you come across various bonus option, ensure that you only go for that which works best for you.

Creating an Account

To create a betting account at recommended bookmakers such as 888Sports and Intertops Sports, you need to enter your name, phone number, address, email address and then click on the big green button to submit these details. This should then be followed by submission of payment information. When you want to withdraw a large sum of money, you will often be required to verify your identity.

Banking Options

To know the banking options that the online bookie offers, be sure to visit their FAQs page and see all the options available. You should ensure that the payment options available suit your convenience. These options may range from popular cards to e-wallet services. Also, note the amount of fees that is charged for each transaction and determine whether or not it is worth your time and investment.

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