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How Do You Place a Bet Online?

Generally, the process of betting online is more or less the same irrespective of your favourite bookmaker. Therefore, our first-hand tips on how to place bets online remain relevant and working across all bookies; grabbing these tips, you can boast of placing bets online with any bookmaker of your choice.

How To Place A Bet Online:

  1. Leaf through your favourite bookmaker’s site now and click the register button to open an account.
  2. Sign in to the newly created account and fund your account at “My Account” section.
  3. Using the menu option search and choose your favourite sport and the market you would like to place your bet on.
  4. Click the price (odd) of the market you want to bet on to include the option on your bet slip.
  5. At the bottom of your bet slip, input the amount you would like to stake on your selection and press “place bet” button to confirm your bet.

What About Accumulators or Multiples?

Probably you have more than one event that you want to bet on, you still need to get steps one to four right. Thereafter, proceed with the instructions below.

  • Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated for each of the selections to add them to bet slip.
  • At the bottom of your selections, a box is provided where you will input your stake before clicking “Place Bet” button for confirmation.

Confused? Cheer! See the vividly explained Guide…

Betting with real money online is simple and can be done in a twinkle of an eye but if you don’t know the way forward with the guidelines given above. Cheer! We have made the points more elaborate. Explained guide below will surely help you.

1. Create your Account and Sign in

Go to any of your favourite bookmaker’s homepage and click on either “Sign Up”, “Join Now” or “Register” link.

Provide the required details correctly in each section of the resulting form and click “join now” after filling the forms.

To claim bonus as a new customer, you have to make an instant deposit. This bonus will be available for betting (for more information on your bonus, may check your bookie terms and conditions).

2. Find your Favourite Sport

Before placing bets, the first step is to know the available sports on your bookmaker’s site and your favourite sport to bet on. Simply click the sport menu to see the list of available sporting events.

3. Find the Market to bet on


After checking the sport’s page, the list of events each sport has and then click on the events to view the available markets in each event. Each market with its price will be displayed.

4. Add Favourite Events to your Bet Slip

Add your favourite event to bet slip by click on the price (odd) of the market that interest

To add your chosen bet to the bet slip, all you have to do is to click the associated odds which are displayed on the page.

As you click, a notification “added to bet slip” will pop up and the selection will appear immediately on the bet slip at the right-hand side of the booking page.

5. Input Stake and Place Your Bet

Bet Slip

Beneath the selections on your bet slip, you have a box where you enter your stake. Then click the yellow “Place Bet” button to confirm your bet.

There is no reversal after pressing the “Place Bet” button. Therefore one must check the selections carefully before crossing the Rubicon.

If you have more than one selection on your bet slip, betting options will be displayed; either to place your bet as multiples or accumulators (see 5a and 5b for more explanation)

5a. Add More Selections to Your Bet Slip

To raise your accumulator, click as many odds of your favourite selections and they will be automatically added to your bet slip.

5b. Key in Your Stake and Place Bet

Place Accumulator Bet

After you have satisfactorily added all intended selections, choose the “Multiple” on the bet slip. This will prompt a display of all accumulators that are available for your selection with boxes to input your stake.

For the accumulator that appeals to you, just key in your stake and click the yellowish “Place Bet” button below.

Which Bookmaker Should I Use?

Question Mark

Over the years, several bookmakers have emerged but none of them stands out as the best for all bettors. The fact is that each of them has benefits and features that preferentially attract their users.

For this reason, we have collated a series of comprehensive reviews of bookmakers where there striking features and benefits were analysed. Therefore, you can get first-hand information on these bookies; check our findings and recommendations in the review provided on this site.

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