How to read game odds

mybookie bonus SportsbookThe most important and technical aspect of sports betting are the odds. In other to stake funds in sports betting, you would need to know how to read the odds, what each value means and how to process your bet. As complicated as it might sound above, we can tell you that it does not require many technicalities to understand. You don't need to have a degree in mathematics to understand all the odds provided in sports betting.

Odds in sports betting can be organised in decimal or fractional format, depending on the sportsbook used. Some sportsbook offers players the option of changing the odds format at their convenience while some don’t, but even at that, it’s still very easy to comprehend. Before we go into details about sports betting odds, we would like to make sure you have a clear understanding of how to place a bet.

To place a bet, you would need to select one or more games in the sportsbook, when you are done accumulating odds that seem favourable to you an option is provided at the bottom of the page, with two options for inputting funds to choose from. You can input the specific amount you would like to stake by clicking on the amount portal or you can use the + and – button provided by most platforms to increase or reduce your stake depending on the currency the site operates with.

Various odds

Win, Lose or Tie: these are the three most used odds platform for you to choose from when playing sports betting’s. You can choose if a team would win a match, lose or draw depending on the analytical stats you have on the team. The win and lose 95% of the time don't have the same odd, one tends to be higher than the other, making the team with the lower odd the bookies favourite while the team with the high odd is regarded as the underdog.

In a case where the winning possibility of either team is not certain, you can settle for the draw odd. Choosing from the win, lose or tie odd depends entirely on the player, although most times the bookies are actually right with the lower odd winning the game, but that's entirely up to you to decide.

Final Score: numerous odds are provided to players to predict the final score of an event. In a situation where you are betting on a basketball game, you can choose your final score from a range of number that you deem suitable for the final score to look like. Odds are also provided to determine scores within intervals.

Over and Under: every sporting activity always ends up with a specific number of goals at the end. This brought about the under and over a platform provided by most bookmakers. The under or over score would give you the opportunity to choose a goal range. You can predict that either teams or a particular team would not score up to five goals when added together in the Under 5.5 section while you can predict in the Over 5.5 section that they would score more than that amount of goals.

Points Margin: it’s also very possible to show how confident you are with a sporting team by betting with point margin. Odds are provided in various sports to allow a player deduce or offer a team a particular amount of point with stakes-placed on the opposite team to win or lose. For instance, Real Madrid can be offered a two-goal margin with a bet placed on Barcelona to still beat them. If the game ends in a 3-0 margin in favour of Barcelona, you will be credited while if the game ends in a 2-0 margin in favour of Barcelona, you lose your funds.

Odd and even: there are a lot of bookmakers providing odds to betting sites. To be at the top of the game and attract players, they would need to provide a lot of odds that players would feel are favourable to them. While playing any type of sports betting, be it football, basketball, volleyball etc. you would always have the option of choosing if the final score would be an even or odd number. An option to choose what the scoreline would look like during intervals is also very possible.


Playing sports betting offers numerous odds depending on the sports you are betting on and the type of play offered. A bowling game odds cannot be the same with a soccer game odd, so to get a detailed explanation of all the odds in a sporting activity, you would need to read about the game specifically. The various odds mentioned above are the most popular once and can be found in all sporting activities across a betting site.

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