OnlineSportsBook Betting FAQs

How do you know that your offshore sports bets are safe?

Every online sportsbook in our directory utilizes the highest security and encryption technology to protect sports betting customers. What all this means is that before any data is sent from you, the client, to the server, or vice versa, the data is encrypted before it is transmitted. This will make it impossible for anyone to break this code and gain any confidential information.

Password and PIN Security

We advise you to be careful when you choose your sportsbook login and password. We recommend you choose a login and password that cannot easily be connected to you, your family or gambling. We strongly advise against code words like sports, sportsbook, betting or wagering. Never forget your sportsbook login, password and PIN number.

How can you be sure that the online sportsbook won’t cheat you?

When you’re betting on sports, it’s pretty simple. The outcome of a sporting event is public information … the bookmaker can’t tell you the Titans lost if they didn’t.

How do you know that the offshore sportsbook will pay up?

Our sportsbook directory lists only the most ethical online sports wagering establishments. Each online sportsbook featured is one that we have first-hand experience with … they pay when you win!

Is offshore sports betting legal? Are online sportsbooks in violation of U.S. laws?

Referencing an antiquated statute, the government has unsuccessfully tried to make a case against online sports betting by claiming that wagering on the Internet violates interstate wire communications regulations. However, those same statutes provide language asserting that IT IS LEGAL to use wire transmissions for placing bets or wagers on a sporting event or contest from a State or foreign country where betting on that sporting event or contest is legal into a State or foreign country in which such betting is legal.

It is the nature of the Internet that web sites are available for access in all states and foreign countries whether or not betting is legal. Therefore, we are dealing with a technology Congress did not consider when adopting the interstate gambling statutes.

The Caribbean Islands are booming with sportsbooks since the explosion of the Internet and these offshore sports books contend that US local and federal laws don’t govern their sports betting operations. Europeans have enjoyed legalized sports wagering for many years and they don’t seem to have a problem with it.