UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League was formed in 1955, but the competition seen a massive overhaul take place in 1992 and it’s become the competition millions of us enjoy. The competition is widely publicized and the most popular soccer trophy of the entire year for clubs to win. Only the best soccer teams in Europe get to compete in the UEFA Champions League and results from other leagues determine who gets to compete.

Currently the tournament begins in July and starts with a knockout round between 32 teams. The 16 teams who win there matches are then sent to the next stage of the competition which is a group stage and not a knockout stage. The 16 teams and another 16 pre-seeded teams are split up into 8 groups of 4 teams a piece. The winning team and second place team in each group move onto the next stage of the tournament which is a knockout stage right to the championship game.

Real Madrid over the years has seen the most success by winning 12 championships, but there have been a total of 22 different teams who have managed to win a UEFA Champions League Title.

Real Madrid

Many of you might know, but the UEFA Champions League helps every team financially based on performance which is another reason why teams fight so strongly in this competition. Teams are awarded money for qualifying into the tournament, winning matches and finishing in the top eight in the entire tournament. The winner of the tournament gets 37,4 million Euros plus any other money they earned throughout the tournament.

The competition is broadcasted across the world and receives massive media attention. Every country has millions of people who enjoy soccer and all of them come together and watch this event every July. The reason the tournament is so popular is because the entire event only features the best soccer teams from the top European Leagues. All of the best soccer leagues are in Europe and the international player base is massive with players coming from all over the world.

You will be able to watch teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Liverpool compete for the championship each year. You won’t be able to find any other soccer tournament that takes place on a yearly basis with as much talent as the UEFA Champions League.

As like all soccer leagues and competitions there is going to be a ton of money switching hands through wagers on bets. There is tons of betting that takes place during the UEFA Champions League and it’s some of the most exciting betting you’ll be able to find. The teams are all tough and the matches are always tough battles so it’s harder to win money in this tournament, but it’s definitely the most fun you’ll have. You’ll be able to watch the matches live on many of the online sportbooks so sign-up for your account and get ready for July. Teams have already begun qualifying for the tournament this year, so you can keep track with the teams qualifying to see how the teams match up against each other.

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