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US Tennis BettingTennis is one of the major sports that attract millions of fans in the US. Formerly, it wasn’t a popular sport among Americans.

But the new dawn of tennis in the US was marked by the emergence of popular US tennis superstars like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and the contemporary Williams Sisters. With this development, international tennis gradually grew in popularity and draws millions of spectator for each event.

Due to significant turnouts of this sport in the US society, mobile tennis betting is something to reckon with in the US betting market. Using the US mobile betting, punters have all tennis stats and odds at their fingertip and can place their bets online with no stress.

Tennis Basics

For a novice in the tennis sport, there are few things to know before the start of mobile tennis betting. Primarily, international tennis tournaments are usually of different categories. Originally, tennis as a sport can either be played as singles or doubles. In the singles event, two players will face each other in a match. But doubles feature two players who merged to form a team facing another team of two players.

Both singles and doubles can be of men or women category. Lastly, fixtures can be mix doubles- which a man and woman will pair to face another corresponding pair. Punters can choose the category they wish to bet on in a tournament.

Mobile Tennis Bet Types

An ideal way to start tennis betting is adequate studying of betting options made available by bookies in this sport. For new punters, match and outright bets are the best way to start tennis betting.

Placing this type of bets, punters only need to predict the match winner or winner of the tournament. There are other betting options for experienced punters- some of them are explained below:

  • Outright bets – these type of bets are placed prior to or during the tournament, it involves punters backing an individual player to win the tournament. Outright bet is unique to each category.
  • Match bets – simple bets in which the players predict the winner of a match within a tournament; punters need to bet on the favourite in this case.
  • Set bets – these bets only involve one the sets in a particular match; players will predict the winner of that set.
  • Exotic bets – these bets are rather interesting and have very high odds, but they involve higher-level of risk. For instance, punters can bet on the player who will earn the first point, winner of the first set, player with the highest number of aces, and the first player to win a game in the tournament.

Place Mobile Bets on Tennis

Grand Slams are among the top competition in tennis around the world. These competitions present bettors with great betting opportunities and varieties of markets for mobile tennis betting. Grand Slams include Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open and the US Open.

However, punters are advised to know the recent form of players before placing individual bets on them. Taking heed to statistics and recent display by a player is important when betting on the tournament winner.

Probably you are willing to get started with tennis betting and you have a smartphone or tablet, you are on the track! To ease your mobile tennis betting, a list of top US- friendly betting sites is available here.

Choose the one you would like to bet with, you may download the mobile app or bet using your device browser. You may sign up and deposit fund to bet on any Grand Slam event.

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