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The industry of online sportsbooks one that is very heavily populated. Just a few of those sportsbooks are actually reliable and WagerWeb.com is part of that few. WagerWeb.com is not the most well known sportsbook out there. Actually there's a chance that the name is completely unfamiliar to you. But you'd do well to become familiar with it and we will tell you why in thiw review.

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Background and Reputability

When it comes to online sportsbooks, their reputability is extremely significant. A sportsbook marred by users complaints and issues is a sportsbook you should avoid at all costs. WagerWeb has earned its reputation as being dynamic, reliable and just overall high quality.

Throughout time, WagerWeb has sought and succeeded in maintaining that great reputation. The fact that this sportsbook is still going strong just goes to prove that it is worth the hype. The company works from Costa Rica and note that it has has a presence since the earlier times of the online gaming industry (1994).

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Payment Methods

WagerWeb offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options.

Ease and Accessibility

The interface of WagerWeb is extremely simple to use and it could work for anyone. Even babies, if they were allowed to gamble online, would be able to operate. The site is not for the tech savvy. It is for the common man and it poses no problem when it comes to navigating, be it on a computer or a mobile device. With just a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger, you can place your nets conveniently.

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Promotions and Bonuses

Is there any punter who can claim not to enjoy bonuses? We haven't found one yet if they exist. If we are recommending WagerWeb to you, it means that it offers quite a number of bonuses, for both recreational and high rolling players. The bonuses that follow are on the site and can be claimed after the rules are met. They are:

Elite Bonus: With this bonus, you are eligible for 10% of bonus cash (or 15% of free play) alongside a ×8 rollover. A 1% cashback bonus is also available depending on the amount of cash you pay each Monday for your sportsbook betting.

High Roller Bonus: With this second bonus, you are eligible for 20% cashback bonus (or 30% of free play) alongside a ×10 rollover. This bonus however does not offer a sportsbook volume bonus.

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High Bonus Special: With this last bonus, you are eligible for 50% cashback bonus (or 75% of free play) alongside a ×15 rollover. There is a strange condition to this bonus though. Until the 15× rollover requirement is met, you largest bet will be confined to 20% of the amount of money deposited.

Bitcoin Special: This is special bonus involving on Bitcoin using players. Any player that deposits using Bitcoin is eligible for a 50% cash bonus (or 75% of free play) on your first deposit alongside a ×15 rollover. Once you put funds into your account the second time, a 1% weekly cash back bonus will be given to you.

Ease of Deposits and Payout Speed

You would rarely see a punter clambering for a site that does not offer enough deposit and withdrawal methods and waste so much time when it comes to withdrawing your earnings. One of the only sportsbooks that actually gives you ample choice is WagerWeb. Also, with this sportsbook, transactions are very quick (always seen within a day)

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  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyGram
  • Money Transfer
  • Bank Wire
  • Cashier's Check

You should note one or two things about funding. If your deposit is made through the Bitcoin option, you would have to get in touch with Customer Support so as to know more on how to proceed. The fastest route to go about placing a deposit in your account is through using a debit or credit card. You will be able to use your cash as soon as possible if you decide on this option.


  • Check
  • Money Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card

  • Minimum amount to withdraw: $500
  • Maximum amount to withdraw: $3,000
  • Withdrawal Fee: $50
  • Average time: Ten days
  • Available as a Free Payout: Yes
  • Two check payouts a week are put at your disposal (maximum amount $6000)

Even though the speed of your withdrawal largely depends on which method you decided to use, most of the withdrawals are extremely fast. The only users that can request bank wires are those in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. If you are more old fashioned and would prefer to get a check, you should note that it is the method that takes the slowest times as it takes up to a week to get to you

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Free Payouts?

Every thirty days, each player has one free payout. And what us more awesome is that the bank wire method is part of this free payout deal. But the strange thing is that the only days you can ask for a free Money Transfer or Bank Wire payout are Wednesdays and Tuesdays. WagerWeb is different from other sites that will demand you to pay the fee from the payout before giving you back your money. This one is completely free!

Our Opinion on WagerWeb

The market of online sportsbooks is overflowing and if you want one, you will get one. There are an abundance of unreliable sites and a few reliable ones. To us, WagerWeb is without doubt in the second category. This site has managed to build a good name for itself, have plenty advantages. For example, their betting options are numerous, their app is great and the payouts come pretty quickly.

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We could only find one disadvantage to this site. Compared to other sportsbooks, the bonuses WagerWeb offers are quite diluted. You could easily find better bonuses with other sportsbooks. Also, the bonuses on this site tend to be extremely confusing. Other than this though, it is a high quality site and we would highly recommend.

Smooth and easy to use interface.
Three bonus options.
Variety of deposit methods

Confusing bonuses

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