Australia Sports Betting Online

Australia Sports Betting OnlineBookmakers and casinos have been known to have huge competition in the Australian market due to the amount of traffic gambling sites gain from the country. The tremendous interest that Australians have shown in betting activities is second to none. With over 80% of the country’s population engaging in sports betting, the growth rate of online betting sites would definitely be unimaginable.


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Bookies in Australia offers all betting options to players, with a wide range of casinos available in the country, you would definitely get the best of services if you search well for it. Betting in Australia grew to such unimaginable rate because of the laws and authorities guiding it. Unlike in most countries where the federal government takes precedence over all betting activities, the citizens of Australia got a better deal with state and territory regulations taking charge of all the betting activities in their region.

Although this has a lot of peaks attached to it but also came with a huge downside. This led to a ban on lots of foreign betting sites in the country, so you would only get access to sites of bookmakers present in the country or the foreign sites that could scale through the rigorous process of licencing that the state governments set on its policies.

Top Betting sites

With the number of punters in the country, there is bound to be serious competition by betting sites for the top spot. If a bookie is able to earn up to half of the Australian gambling market, that bookie is for sure going to be at the top of his game. There are a lot of sites in Australia to choose from when it comes to betting, it's recommended you don't bet with just one gambling site so as not to miss out on all the bonuses other gambling sites offer.

The shuffling attached to the Australian regulations helped us break through the huge presence of betting sites in the country to get detailed information on what the site we listed can offer and why they are the top selections. Our preferences in listing out the top betting sites were based on odds, bonus, welcome offer, licence, reliability and online presence. This brought us down to recommending just three sites. 888Sports, Spinpalace Sport gut top spot from our analysis.

Legal views

The numbers behind their betting population would have given you a hint as to the government stance on sports betting. There is no rule in Australia stopping anybody that is old enough to grace a gambling site from betting. This has helped boost the number of gambling commissions that can be found in the country. With lots of casinos and bookmakers trooping in from around the world to get their site licenced for players to enjoy.


Playing sports betting in Australia would certainly get you wondering how much you would have to pay to tax if you accumulate a big win. Taxes in general, has made a lot of people forfeit the opportunity to gamble because when you lose, no one blinks an eye but when you win, everyone comes running for their share. Although some countries collect taxes from only professional gamblers but that does not justify anything.
Surprisingly, gambling in Australia does not have any Taxes attached, whether you are a professional gambler or you play for fun, not minding if you hit a jackpot or you lose all your money, nobody ever comes running. All your wins and losses are yours to bear, no taxes attached whatsoever. This is one of the reasons behind the massive impact betting sites have had in the country, the zero tax law.

Guaranteeing Legitimacy

As we all know, the internet came with a lot of fraudsters that can use any method available to steal your money. It would be heart-breaking to register with a gambling site and after losing a good amount of money to them, luck beacons on you to bag your first big win just to find out that the site you have been betting with is not legit. We are recommending that before you register with any gambling site in Australia verify their authenticity. This can be done by checking out the licencing commission backing their activities.

There are lots of licensing commissions all over the world that can be trusted. A search on Google would give you a lot of information as to the licencing commissions and their policies. If after checking their licencing commission you don't feel satisfied, you can explore the net and read different customer reviews about them to know where they are lacking. Don’t register with any betting site without guaranteeing its legitimacy.

Sports Betting Available

Certainly, with all you have read about Australians and their love for sports betting. It wouldn’t be a surprise to you that bookies provide their sportsbook with one of the widest range of betting options around the world. You can bet on almost all sporting activities from the Australian betting site with options like American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Field Hockey, Golf, Rugby League, Rugby, Surfing, Tennis and lots of other sports. You would never run out of options when playing sports betting in Australia.

Transaction Process

Every punter's biggest interest is getting more money. You won’t see a gambler who graces a betting site without high regards for his or her funds. Betting sites in Australia did a great job by providing numerous options for players to deposit and withdraw funds from the comfort of their homes. Credit card and bank transfers are the most used transaction methods in the country. But if that seems too stressful for you, you can use any online payment method like PayPal, Netteller, Skrill etc. depending on the betting site you are making use of.


You won’t get a lot of better options than the Australian market if you are looking for a profitable place to stake your funds. No taxes, lots of betting sites, good odds, numerous sporting activities and strong online presence. Certainly, there are not a lot of other options you would want from a favourable betting country.