Just like any other getaway drug you would find on the streets, gambling has become one of the most addictive behaviours of the 21st century. A lot of gamers get addicted to the act without realising it. We would like to use this article to table some of the core issues that have led a lot of players to ruin due to their addiction to the game.

First thing first, let’s explain what it means to be addicted. A lot of players who are addicted to the reels find it hard to admit due to the negative association the society have tagged with the term addiction. Quite alright, addiction comes with a lot of negativities but that does not mean there is no positive side. Most professional gamblers are addicted to the reels and still cater for their families and other pending issues that might arise without leaving any negative impression.

There is nothing bad with being addicted to the reels, in as far as you are able to set your priorities straight there are a lot of positivity’s that can come from being addicted to gambling. From recent research on how to control addiction, it was discovered that the issue is not the addiction that you have developed but the discipline that you have not developed. Some of the behaviours that might help you detect if you are disciplined enough to keep on

gambling are:

  • Repetition of the same gambling mistakes
  • Choosing to gamble over family and friends
  • Being unable to withdraw even when your intuition is telling you otherwise
  • Getting irritated easily
  • Chasing lost funds etc.

There are a lot of behaviours that would help you detect if you are disciplined enough to keep on gracing the reels. If you are disciplined enough, you would know that addiction can never set in, even when you lose unprecedented funds to the reels, you can still beat your chest knowing that it was your choice to make. One of the major characteristics that would help you determine if you are disciplined enough to grace the reels is the ability to negate all selfish behaviours.

Gambling can make you spend a million dollar in a day, but if you are disciplined enough to know that you need to save a thousand dollar for your daughter’s school fees then you are good to go. Addiction does not mean how much you spend in a gambling den but under which circumstances it is spent. Every player who frequents a casino knows that he or she wants to add more funds to his or her bank account in the fastest way possible, making personal sacrifices does not matter but when you sacrifice funds that are not meant for your own personal interest, then you might want to apply caution.

How to control Addiction

It all depends on you. We could state al sort of preventive measures that the internet and all other enterprise have put in place but if you are not willing to admit to yourself that you are not disciplined enough to grace the reels then you would end up having addiction issues. Some of the personal methods you could put in place to discipline your mind towards gambling are:

Setting a Bankroll and Time Limit

This is one of the most effective methods that can help you discipline the mind to gamble in the right direction. Every player knows how much he or she can afford to spend on a daily basis, you can sacrifice your whole day’s funds for the cause but not your whole time. Some players set bankroll limit without setting time limit. In as much as bankroll limit is important, do not for once feel that the time limit is less important. Try to dedicate a particular amount of time to the cause, if you are not lucky enough to hit the desired target before the time elapses then walk away hoping there are better days ahead just like the popular saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

Grow Beyond the shame

A lot of us feel ashamed when we lose a huge amount of funds on a gaming platform and would like to retrieve it as fast as possible. take note that money lost is in no way yours to retrieve, the same way you get to win on some days so to do some other players lose on those same days, if you lose funds to a casino, don’t feel ashamed. Gambling has never been a game of certainty, whatever you see you would have to take with good faith.

Ask for Help

If your relationship, family or business is tearing apart due to addiction issues, do not hesitate to ask for help from minds that have had similar experiences. Some of the organizations that can help you sort your gambling problems are Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare or Gambling Therapy.