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138 sportsbook

To start with, the casino offers free bets offers where the customer buys £20 get a £10 free bet. Isn’t that an amazing way to kick start your gambling career?

  • Date Established: 2013
  • Location: Isle of Man
  • Min Deposit: $20
  • UK Customers: YES

138 sportsbook Complete Review

138.com is a household name in matters online gambling. The casino opened its virtual doors for the 21st century punters who are characteristically known to settle for the best. Thanks to the casino, Asian themed games are now accessible to the whole world.

The bookmaker is operated and owned by Fesuge Ltd., a company headquartered at the Isle of Man. In case you are in the UK, the United Gaming Commission. As for the rest of the punters located in the other parts of the globe, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision carries out the regulatory and monitoring functioning functions. The two gambling governing bodies are known for their high standardization procedures and requirements. Any casino, such as 138.com, to have successfully pulled through their rigorous vetting and approval, it means that they are exceptionally good at what they do.

Outcomes of the Review Process

There are many benefits that accrue to any punter that decides to pitch camp at 138.com. to begin with, their website has a simplified and straightforward interface whether one is a novice or an expert in the iGaming industry. The left column of the website has a column displaying all the sports offered including ice hockey, football to surfing.

Secondly, the website boasts of a diversified selection of markets that come with very compelling odds. Regardless of whether you prefer virtual sports, table games, esports or live dealer games, the site has many options for your explorations. There is good news for the lovers of Irish and UK horse racing which comes with £1,000 in maximum bonus benefits. 138.com also provides some of the fastest payouts ever Thanks to that the imaginable feature that is added to ensure that the punter in position to take their loss or profit before they are settled.

138.com Perks and Rewards

138.com is a punter’s pride especially when it comes to bonuses and promotions. The casino has outdid itself in ensuring that its loyal customers are the happiest lot out there. To start with, the casino offers free bets offers where the customer buys £20 get a £10 free bet. Isn’t that an amazing way to kick start your gambling career?

Betting Odds at 138.com

The entry of the casino into the UK and Irish markets changed and revolutionized the gambling industry for the better. The bookmaker has previously sponsored Watford FC, a Premier League Football Club. They have some of the best odds which has significantly led them to acquire more punters who rely on them for betting odds. Another advantage that was found during the review is that the site is usually among the very first onesm if not the first one, to offer their odds to their punters well in advance of their competitors. The good thing here is that it gives you adequate time to organize and place your bet without a lot of pressure. The fascinating odds are offered across a wide spectrum of markets which gives the gamblers options from which to base their selection.

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Customer Service

Friendliness is a very important virtue of a customer support team. That is exactly what one gets with the approachable and supportive customer support team.

Rapid response speed is another factor that sets 138.com aside. In fact, the team has very negligible average wait time for any client is literally a couple of seconds. Especially if you are using the live chat option, the respond can be very prompt. That is just one part; after that comes the response of the support agent ensuring that the root course of your concern are adequately addressed.

The live chat is available round the clock and so there is no need for you to keep quiet and suffer with an issue or concern. Other options through which the team can reached include email and telephone call or email to their customer support team.


At the core of any gambling experience is the customer. That is, the customer is the most important aspect that must be provided with the best offers in a manner that is both appealing and easy to use. That is the reason that made 138.com to adapt a streamlined web design which has a white backdrop. The choice of the white backdrop makes it possible for the various sections to pop up without interfering without blending with the test of the background.

The website also utilizes large tabs for improved visibility. The moment you click on these tabs, you are led to the sportsbook, while another click shall lead to the promotions and back again to where you started. In addition, the betting slip is conveniently located at the top right corner with the respective odds formats. The cashout button is located at the top of the page. Click on it and it shall lead you to the full list of the rules and regulations pertaining to the promotion.

Sports and Games Covered

138.com has very many sports and markets that it covers. Originally, the site uses to primarily serve the Asian market. However, the site has been improving and modifying the range of sports that it provides to their esteemed customers a varied selection of sports. Their goal is to ensure that they provide the best odds for all the markets in which they operate. Generally, majority of the UK punters prefer sticking with the traditional markets that include football and racing.

On the other hand, the universal punter wants to be given the freedom and liberty to roam and explore the different markets available. These include chess, basketball, badminton, racing, ice hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis, Aussie rules, cycling and many more. For all these games and more, there are competitive odds that gives you best value for your money.

Parting Shot

Based on the findings of this review, 138.com can conclusively be said that it is a legitimate gambling site that avails their customer with the best deals. Their payouts are fast while the customer support team is just good at what it does. Launch your gambling career pad here and brace yourself for fun and many rewards.

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