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Read the history of 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics were held in Berlin, Germany from 15–23 August 2009.

2009 World Championships in Athletics

Emerging Winner from the Selection process

Around December 2004, on the 6th precisely, IAAF declared the champion that emerges in the bidding pursuits. The winner disclosed was Berlin, which successfully outperforms its counterparts, like; Brussels (Belgium), Valencia (Spain), Casablanca (Morocco), etc.

The performance, arrangement & coordination of this great event is made possible by German Athletics Club & cosmopolis of Berlin. Around 2005, DLV brought about a firm, named “Berlin Organizing Panel 2009 GmbH”. The role of this establishment is to oversee the proper arrangement of the championship.

Budget Summary | Expenses & Incomings

Over the years of various sports competition organized by Germany's, which was an outstanding success, inclusive of the 1936 & 1972 Summer Olympics, 1974 & 2006 Federation International Football Association World Cups, the 1993 World Championships in Athletics.

Lamine Diack, known as the IAAF president, has so much self-assurance of a carefully-planned event. The coordinators declared an allocation of €49.8 million to conduct the competition, covering transportation & lodging expenses for every contestant partaking of the exercise.

The incomes generated encompasses €17 million from ticketing & €7 million from the advertisement. Berlin metropolis reports an outstanding bill reaching €20 million.

The panel behind the event planning arranged 9000 rooms in berlin to cover up for lodging facility, in anticipation that the reservation of the Resort centres “Estrel” (950 rooms) & “Berlin” (650 rooms) for contestants is considerate enough to establish an ambience more precisely to an Olympic metropolis.

In a nutshell, the competition led to a financial upliftment for the region. From the record, the committees documented an aggregate of 417,156 tickets within the nine-day duration, & the appraisals assert the overall expenses by attendees, guests in the metropolis of about €120 million.

Consequently, Klaus Wowereit, Berlin's mayor, states that the capital is ready for application to organize & entertain other athletics competition in times to come, like, the 2016 European Athletics Championships.

Telecommunications & Promotions

Mascot “Berlino”

As at the government of Germany create a one-off €10 coin especially for the competition & it's becoming the third event, which they employed something of such for athletic competition.

The coordination panel arranged a criticism to make conclusions as to the name of its mascot, a moving human-like bear, and they agreed on “Berlino” as the name. They decided on color green & blue arrangement for the competition, approved logo, publicizing, likewise the Olympiastadion's athletics. The group asserted that the colour blue & green depicts dependability & the competition environmental aspirations respectively. The competition considers several renewable plans; they are as follows;

  • Cost-free mass transit alongside all the ticket offered for sale
  • Commitments to minimize energy consumption
  • Facilities for refuse & recycling disposals
  • Eco-sensitive to construction & building control.

What's more, Among the United Nations Environment Scheme, 47 trees, each for every single sports competition, this plantation was in place to establish an “Atmosphere of Champions” in Berlin. The formal anthem for the race was “Foot of the Mountain” composed via Norwegian group A-ha.

The telecommunication access for the Championships got offered for sale to 213 regions across the universe, a significant development for the competition. The anchorperson of transmission TV coverage & providers of the TV network is ARD & ZDF. Also, they pioneered a corporation with the name:

“BERTA”, responsible for delivering the system in HD quality for the TV networks all through the universe. In Germany, the mean population recorded five million, covering a maximum of 8.6 & 9.9 million for the women's high jump & men's 100m final, accordingly.

In France, the average population recorded the range of 3.5–4 million, while in the UK, recorded 2.5–3.5 million. Lastly, in Japan, recorded 4–5 million.

Across the webpages of IAAF recorded page & exclusive visitors sum of about a million unique visitors viewing the site on the fifth & sixth days, alongside an aggregate of more than 90 million content viewers all through the nine days duration of the event. The record has it that approximate, 3500 media reps appeared this memorable competition.

The district coordinators as well undertook a Champions Run 10K on 22 August which comes up along the programmed duration for the men's & women's long-distance races to offer the masses the privilege to get involved in the exercise.

They made it possible utilizing parts of the formal long-distance race tracks which cuts across several Berlin critical points, & terminates at the Brandenburg Gate. The track cover & restricted to 10,000 athletes.

Locations for the Exercise

The first-ever main sports competition; the Summer Olympics, around 1936, got hosted by Olympiastadion;

The Olympiastadion featuring its new blue sports ground

The Championships took place in “Olympiastadion” of about 74,845-seating capacity, such that it implemented a rehabilitation worth in preparation of the upcoming 2006 Football World Cup. The beginning & end spot of the long-distance-races, including the speed walking games, occurs at the Brandenburg Gate. The speed walk paths channels through the Unter den Linden boulevard, while for marathon goes along Pariser Platz & running its course across Berlin's other points of leisure activity.

Roughly, 400,000 tickets got offered for sale by the event planners assigned to arrange for the competition. As a remembrance to the record of their Olympic accomplishments at the Olympiastadion in 1936, a get-together transpired between the groups of Jesse Owens & Luz Long.

Long's long jump counsel to compete with Owens exists as a noticeable instance of gamesmanship & companionship in athletics. Whichever of the athlete that attains a universal record-breaking receives compensation of US$100,000.

Drug / Pee-testing scheme

The competition staged among the most global Pee-testing programs first of a kind conducted by IAAF. An aggregate of a thousand specimens got obtained from athletes & assessed across labs endorsed by the Universal Urine-screening firm, and extra informative pee-testing exercises were on offer.

Diack emphasized that specimens gotten are held unto for years to come investigation. Therefore, currently, imperceptible drugs can undergo the test in years to come, curbing athletes from defying the Drug / Pee- testing regulations.

In the course of the championships, there existed two athletes, which do not succeed in the test of drug-testing assessments. An athlete from Morocco, named “steeplechaser Jamel Chatbi”, gets confirmed to be a victim for the antidepressant clenbuterol drug in its specimen.

Another Nigeria athlete, by name Amaka Ogoegbunam, got discovered to exhibit Metenolone, an anabolic steroid, in her sample. Also, other Nigerian participants, named “Olutoyin Augustus”, got prohibited from the championships due to its absurd testosterone level.

Game Schedules, Outstanding Performances


Across the event, there existed, three universal record-breaking, namely;

  • Championship records,
  • Eight area records
  • Fifty-seven national records got broken.

First Day of the Event (15th)

In men's 20km race walk, around noon-time, a participant from Russia, “Valeriy Borchin” succeeded with gold. Others include the following;

  • An attendant from China “Hao Wang” achieved with silver
  • An attendant from Mexico “Eder Sanch earned a bronze medal
  • In women's 10,000m, a participant from Kenya named “Linet Chepkwemoi Masai”. Others include the following;
  • An attendant from Ethiopia “Meselech Melkamu” succeeded with silver
  • A participant from Ethiopia “Wude Ayalew” got accomplished with a bronze medal.

Across the men's shot put, a US athlete by name “Christian Cantwell “got succeeded with gold, alongside a record of 22.03m. An athlete from Poland named “Tomasz Majewski” obtained silver. Also, Ralf Bartels from Germany gained bronze.

Second Day of the Event (16th)

Through the women's 20 km race walk, the Olympic winner from previous years competition; Olga Kaniskina, gained an upbeat victory nearly a full minute.

With the females shot put game, the Olympic gold runner-up from previous performances & unbeatable world winner; Valerie Vili, succeeded with a performance of 20.44m.

The males 100m race, Usain Bolt, emerge as a champion of 100m sprint, which is a record-breaking performance, alongside timing of 9.58. The indomitable universal winner from the United States, by name Tyson Gay, ended as the second-best alongside a duration of 9.71.

An athlete by the name “Jessica Ennis” from Britain succeeded with the competition award, alongside a top-score outcome of 6731.

Third-Day of the Event (17th)

Game: The male's hammer throw

The Olympic winner, by the name “Primož Kozmus”, & hails from Slovenia, achieved the victory alongside a throw performance of 80.84m, considered as outstanding performance in the season.

Also, another participant from Poland, by name, “Szymon Ziółkowski” succeeded with an outcome of 79.30m thro covered, which he obtained a silver medal. Likewise, another participant from Russian, named “Aleksey Zagornyi” succeeded as the third winner alongside a throw performance of 78.09m.

Game: The males 10,000 m final

The participant who earned the championship title is Kenenisa Bekele with a performance duration of 26:43:31.

Also, another athlete obtained a silver prize, named “Zersenay Tadese”, from Eritrea alongside a performance duration of 26:50:12. Moreover, Moses Ndiema Masai from Kenya won the bronze medal with a performance duration of 26:57:39.

Games: The Females 100m

A participant from Jamaica, by name, Shelly-Ann Fraser succeeded with a performance duration of 10.73s, while Kerron Stewart followed the first winner with a period of 10.75s. Lastly, in the game type, a US participant, by, name, Carmelita Jeter acquired the bronze award with a period of 10.90s.

Games: The Females pole vault final

With this game, the strangest occurrence is that the Olympic winner & present top-score bearer, by the name “Yelena Isinbayeva”, strives to succeed any height, to no avail. Interestingly, a Poland participant pulled off the gold with a leading outcome of 4.75m, followed by Monika Pyrek & Chelsea Johnson, which they both took over the second position alongside a successful result of 4.65m.

Consequently, first-ever record-breaking of World Championships in Athletics, two participants from Poland, obtained gold & silver award in exact game. In past performances record of World Championships in Athletics, Poland is the sixteenth nation to succeed with gold & silver in the same exercise. Over the years, the former 15 countries are as follows;

  • Canada, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Jamaica, Kenya, Romania, Russia, Spain, United States, Soviet Union & East Germany.

Game: The females triple jump, Last round

Yargelis Savigne took off with the gold, while Mabel Gay emerged as the second winner. The two participants never exceed a distance of 15m.

Game: The female 3000m steeplechase

An athlete from Spain, by name, Marta Dominguez succeeded with a duration of 9:07:32, followed by Yuliya Zarudneva which obtained the silver medal. The bronze award goes to Milcah Chemos Cheywa.

Fourth Day of the Event (18th)

Game: The men's Triple Jump

A participant from Britain, by name, “Phillips Idowu”, triumphed with a record-breaking performance, covering a span of 17.73m, which he obtained a gold award.

Also, the next champion, from Portugal, with a span performance of 17.55m, by name, Nelson Évora acquired a silver award. Whereas the third position goes to a participant from Cuban, by name, Alexis Copello with a performance of 17.36m.

Fifth Day of the Event (19th)

Game: The discus Last lap

A Germany participant, by name, Robert Harting took off the gold right in the presence of the home team, with a throw performance of 69.43m. Also, another participates from Poland, by the name “Piotr Malachowski & Gerd Kanter, from Estonia acquired silver & bronze, accordingly.

Game: The Female 100m Hurdles

An athlete from Jamaica, named “Brigitte Foster-Hylton” acquired an outstanding performance in the year of 12.51 & took off with gold, then followed by a Canadian participant, named “Priscilla Lopes-Schliep” of a return of 12.54, which landed her a silver award.

Also, Delloreen Ennis-London from Jamaica acquired a bronze medal.

Sixth Day of the Event 20th

Game: The males 200m

Usain Bolt succeeded with a record-breaking success pf a duration performance of 19.19seconds. Also, A Panama athlete, named “Alonso Edward”, obtained silver medal, alongside a nationwide history of 19.81.

An American athlete, named “Wallace Spearmon” took off with the bronze medal, with a performance of 19.85.

Games: The females 400m Hurdles

A Jamaican athlete, by name, “Melaine Walker” had a record of 52.42sec, 800th of a second beyond the limits of Yulia Pechonkina's World past performance (52.34).

An America athlete triumph with the Decathlon, by name, “Trey Hardee”. However, A Cuban athlete, by the name “Leonel Suárez” swapped placings on Aleksandr Pogorelov at the last round of the game.

Seventh Day of the Event

Game: The 200m

An America athlete, by name, “Allyson Felix” appeared as with a groundbreaking performance of 22.02 seconds alongside Double Olympic winner, a Jamaican member, “Veronica Campbell-Brown” taking the second place of performance of 22.35.

Game: The 400m men Last Lap

The first place got succeeded by two participants, by the name “LaShawn Merritt & Jeremy Wariner” both acquiring the Gold medal with a performance of 44.06. Wariner triumph as the outstanding score during this period with a performance of 44.60, obtaining the silver award.

Eight Day of The Game (22nd)

Game: The female's hammer throw

A Polish participant, by name, Anita Włodarczyk succeeded with a gold award covering a span of 77.96m, as at now, the performance claims to be a new top-score.

Game: Male's world Long Jump

An American participant, by name, “Dwight Phillips”, acquired this game title, the third time, alongside a performance record of 8.54m. Phillips obtained a gold award, back from Jesse Owens' grandchild “Marlene Dortch”.

A South African athlete, by the name “Godfrey Khotso Mokoena”, earned the silver award with a performance span of 8.47m. 4 × 100 m sprint line-ups from Jamaica, made the most fabulous event of the Day by obtaining the gold award in the two fields.

Ninth Day of the Event 23rd

A Chinese athlete, by name, Bai Xue, acquired gold along with the female long-distance races. Also, a member from Ethiopia, named, “Kenenisa Bekele” succeeded with the 5,000 universal awards, & Olympic winner, by the name “Andreas Thorkildsen” from Norway acquired the male's javelin, alongside a throw record of 89.59m. B

rittney Reese succeeded with the female's long jump, with 7.10m as its performance, conquering the indomitable winner, a Russian athlete, by name, “Tatyana Lebedeva”. Following the previous successive two competitions of the Championships, America got succeeded in the two 4 × 400 m sprint.

Estimation of Involved Countries

The enrollment catalogues declared by IAAF via their site on the web, in preparation to the championships incorporates 2098 participants from 202 regions & regions across the universe.

Among these participants, an aggregate of 1984 engaged in competition with 1086 male, & 898 female at the championships, alongside 201, out of 213 IAAF National Member Federations appeared for the group.

The overall sum of participant partaking of the exercise got increased, compared to the other championship population of 1,821 participants ready for the 1999 Universal Championships in Athletics in Seville.

The 100m race holds a record of 100 enrollment, whereas the Marathon race holds 101 participants for the game.

The competition, thereby secured the most significant sports turn out around year, 2009, with the same progress of the World Championships in Athletics as the third most significant sports game, following the Olympic Games & the Federation International Football Association World Cup.