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Bovada Sports Betting Review

A well-established Online Sportsbook & Casino Platform, alongside an upgraded user interface, creating a comfortable atmosphere encompassing a great deal of sports fixtures alongside multiple ongoing rewards., accredited under a reputable licensing agency

Bovada Sports Betting

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Hey Folks, you'll eventually enjoy reading through this review. Decades back, we already commit so much, engaging in thorough researches across multiple online bookies. Just as we already test run the entire operations convincingly, by ourselves & placed stakes on these platforms.

We, at this moment, wish to communicate our observations across to all with our comprehensive assessment. This write-up covers extensively on the legitimacy recognition of Online Sports gambling, thereby focusing on Bovada bookies comprehensively as a typical example.

All through the gaming & bookies sector, Bovada bookies gains extreme esteem across this sector, & already highlight to be the best in the class of the bookie, four years back in our websites.

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Funding Account Process & Methods

The operator employs the following for their users to top-up their account, currently on the broadcast. They include; credit card, Mastercard, AMEX & Visa, Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.

Credit Card Systems


Visa is quite the most typical approach to top-up one's account. While you use this system for the first time across Bovada bookies, it doesn't impose any charges; it gets ignored; however, subsequently, each time you use the approach, it imposes an extra fee of 5.9% across every single deposit.

Across this platform, it's possible to choose the kind of bonus you wish to benefit from alongside your deposit. The least deposit required of users to make is just $25; this stipulation is extremely low compared to the majority of bookies in existence.

We advise you to deposit beyond this stipulated sum to make the most of Bovada's generous bonus provided.

Right from March 2016, Bovada bookies welcomes & starts accepting payments via Bitcoin. Subsequently, this approach already turns out to be exceedingly common across bookies gambling sector as an option included among deposits approach requiring no charges. Perhaps, you utilize the Bitcoin system; undoubtedly, you'll get its to be the most straightforward channel to adopt.

Endeavor to have it in mind that across this sector, the deposit methods get varying persistently.

Ratings of Restrictions/Simplicity of Account Top-up: 100%

Assessment of Bovada Gambling Interface

Right from time, we fancy the interface design approach adopted by Bovada bookies earlier on. Therefore, the moment they affect some modifications to their brand-new interface at the ending of July 2015, which later takes some time to get accustomed to the changes.

Soon, while we keep getting accustomed to the approach, the operator re-modified the interface again, dated July 18th, 2018. Right from time, this modernization already establishes a significant improvement.

However, it's exclusive, almost an all-embracing site modification. Nevertheless, there exist some shortcomings & right sides, which we put in our best to be all-encompassing.

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Presently, the various catalogs of sports fixtures are accessible across the upper part of the display in a menu.

The settings are entirely in order & arranged. It's quite simple to find your way through the sports & various bet categories, alongside the “Quick Links” icon placed across the left panel of the display, which encompasses grand sporting fixtures of the day.

However, there are some shortcomings with the upgrade concerning the Bet Slip. Just as the update operates correctly, it never implies you can get the whole specifics provided by the operator at just a window of the display.

While placing bets on the platform, you still need to perform multiple navigations across the Bet Slip to fully include all the markets (wager) available or put the bet sum. We desire that the Bet Slip is as brief just as obtainable years back before these upgrades. Just as it's a little bit criticizing, yet, the Bet Slip remains extremely easy to utilize.

Provided, it appears not to be a primary concern or a severe case; we already utilize bookies platform, which incorporates exceptionally bulky & complicated bet slips.

Nevertheless, based on our test across all other platforms, we do give appreciation each time a bookie gets it in order. Therefore, we, at this moment, praise their relentless commitments & preparedness to upgrade their platform.

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Design & Impression of the Gambling interface: 80%

Odds/Bet Restrictions

Among the significant shortcomings with the Bovada bookies is their slow-moving pace at posting games. For the categories that cherish gambling NBA or college basketball competitions, you likely need to exercise patient till 2 pm ET, in the afternoon to become visible for betting.

While juxtaposing this to the rest of ten bookies we like, Bovada appears to persistently come last, to update the odds, mostly exceeding four hours across main USA sports. As regards a gambler to catch fun, it's not a severe case; however, perhaps you include among the category that likes to quickly make selections & place bets on time, especially in the morning you'll get disappointed. Nevertheless, this shortcoming never applies to soccer. No matter the case seems to be, Bovada updates their odds quite faster for the majority of soccer games all over the world & appears to be the first among these listed ten sportsbooks.

Regarding their positive sides, surprisingly, we admire that the least stake is just $1. Only as a committed bettor never places much significance to least stakes, it's quite a great advantage for the category that commonly intend to feel like playing with some little cash.

Odds Prices & least Stake Restrictions: 70%

Sports Available Across Bovada Sportsbook

While compiling this write-up, Bovada included twenty-six grouped fixtures available to place stakes. It is not limited to sports alone, as well as covers politics, entertainment, shows, among others.

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Bovada Sport Category Offerings

  • UCF/MMA Golf Olympics Curling
  • Cricket Football Baseball Boxing
  • Entertainment Horses Rugby E-Sports
  • Snooker Darts Cycling Volleyball
  • Aussie Rules Handball Gaelic Games Auto Racing
  • Badminton Futsol

Among things to consider regarding this offer, is the soccer events featured by Bovada's, which is enormously all-embracing. Aside from 5Dimes, they extensively cover exceptional offerings under sport.

Sports Features: 80%

Mobile Gambling Across Bovada

Decades back, mobile gambling developments (androids, apple device) includes among the features that get celebrated continuously.

Just as you can't move about with your desktop's computers on the Go, considered not to be portable. Therefore, it becomes essential to swift action mobile channel access your betting pursuits while you're on a walk.

Convincingly, Bovada bookies mobile platform works fine across a broader range of mobile devices we proved ourselves. It's quite straightforward, trying to sign-in, toggling within various sports features, & placing stakes.

Following the improvement as of July 2018, this bookies platform unleashed a mobile platform, which appears exceedingly identical in appearance to desktop platforms. We, at this moment, put to recall of the modified technique which Microsoft already optimized through its Windows technology.

The upgrade already undoubtedly, made available a little improvement across the previous edition, while the exact difficulties experienced earlier are no longer manifest. Presently, it's present among the exceptional mobile bookie's platform among the rest.

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Mobile Gambling Platform: 90%


Everyone aims to play in bookies platform, solely to establish some gains, & it's vital for a gambler to exhibit a bookie, which disburses payments unquestionably. It's quite a focal point, whereby Bovada bookies prevail & flourish exceedingly.

The various methods for cash-outs get dynamic every now & then. However, at the moment, it encompasses payout by bitcoin or checks by courier. Primarily, these bookies tender just a single cost-free payout following every three months.

Presently, the least withdrawal for a check approach is only $100; it's possible to request a check singly, each week, up to a sum worth $3,000. However, you can never compare this to the Bitcoin approach; it's to a greater extent, preferable as regards making transactions.

With the use of Bitcoin, the least cash-out is $20, while upper limits are just $9,500. Users of this platform can place an order for Bitcoin once each five days, while the user gets the outgoings straightaway, comparing to almost fourteen days using the check method.

This comfort includes numerous benefits which Bovada bookies, encompasses over the rest of bookies. It's quite easy to ascertain that this operator is, to a greater extent, dependable.

Simplicity & price of payouts: 90%


Under the promo & bonus segment, it includes other areas where Bovada incorporates quite a more significant advantage beyond its peers. It kicks off with a 50% sign-up offer over the starting deposits bonus to the extent of $250. It's entirely satisfactory for a player to give the platform a chance.

Bovada Rewards

All through the year, Bovada offers multiple promos across the entire major sports. Nevertheless, lately, they pay more attention to their spanking -new rewards scheme, whereby they have gained momentum across the bookies gambling sector.

Presumably, a player can acquire Rewards credits by setting stakes across the bookies, racebook & casino. While a player accumulates increased credits, then such players can progress to subsequent stages alongside numerous benefits like discount over losings & acquire bonus play rapidly. It thereby establishes the fact why this sportsbook platform is entertaining.

The rewards convincingly captivate such benefactor & thus makes him/her never relent in the gambling pursuits.

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Offers / Promotions: 100%

Bovada Poker

Around August 2017, precisely, Bovada re-established their poker offerings. To get started, such player needs to install the Bovada Windows scheme over their Pc's. Just as we prioritize sportsbooks offerings, we, thereby, touch one or two areas as regards its features.

Mobile Poker: Bovada makes available a mobile platform, such that users can access on the Go via their mobile gadgets.

Zone Poker: As regards the category that desires accelerated adventures, then this segment is a good match. Immediately after the gamer hand gets involved, they get forwarded to another table, such that it restarts the actions once more.

Unidentified Tables: As its names imply, under this section, a gamer can get relaxed across a table, devoid of any other player, having access or getting to know your progression of the play.

Downloadable Hand Histories: Following a day, while the gameplay gets finalized, the player can install full hand histories from the past games handled. A great advantage is that it encompasses the hole cards of the gamer recently played against in the game. It's quite a considerable technique for thoughtful players, having the zeal to know more about their game.

Multiple Tournaments: A gamester can explore, reaching various tournaments at the same time concurrently.

Poker: 100%

The Casino platform of Bovada has long been in existence, while the sportsbook, & some varieties of entertaining deliveries recently got included to the platform & constitute a considerable offering. Underneath are catalogs of all up-to-date casino offerings attainable across Bovada Casino.

There exist nine distinct games across the Blackjack category at this platform. The classic Blackjack game encompasses the entire standard policies, like; dealer hits 17, surrender, 3 to 2 Blackjack, etc.

  • Blackjack Variants Across Bovada Casino
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Classic Double Deck Blackjack
  • Classic Single Deck Blackjack
  • Double Deck Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Zappit Blackjack

Table Games

Under the table game category, there exist multiples of distinct table games accessible to catch fun.

Table Games Variants Across Bovada Casino

  • American Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Caribbean Hold ‘Em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Classic American Roulette
  • Classic Baccarat
  • Classic Craps
  • Classic European Roulette
  • Classic Tri-Card Poker
  • Craps European Roulette
  • Let ‘Em Ride
  • Let ‘Em Ride Classic
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Roll the Dice
  • Tri-Card Poker
  • Vegas Three Card Rummy

Video Poker

Bovada as well makes available assortments of distinct video poker games & specialty products. Besides, there exist more than a hundred slot games on offer to play. Take note that This gambling platform does keep up with regular updates across this game category.

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Casino: 100%



  • There are a variety of deposit bonuses and promotions that occur throughout the year.
  • Secure deposits, excellent customer service and reliable payments.
  • Meager minimum bet amounts.
  • Casino games, poker, and the horse betting section of the web site are very well for those who need a break from sports betting.
  • Perhaps the best/most accessible payout of any sportsbook out there.
  • They are continually innovating their site.


  • The speed at which the Lines appear goes behind schedule each day.
  • The odds on offer are, to an extent displeasing as, obtainable from the rest of sportsbooks.


  • As of 18th, February 2014: Bovada includes among the record-breaker bookies, & remains the most reliable among its peers.
  • As of 8th February 2015: Bovada maintains among the market-leader sportsbook.
  • As of 8th April 2016: Bovada included spanking-new deposit options.
  • As of 26th June 2017: In general, Bovada remains to appear on our well-liked sportsbook.
  • As of 11th December 2017: We included some additional deposit methods & rewards scheme to the platform.
  • As of 22nd December 2018: We included the latest regarding Bovada Casino & Poker section.
  • As of 19th July 2018: We included our findings regarding the Bovada interface, etc.

Final Words

As regards nonprofessional gambler that just desires to stake some funds & take great delight, Bovada is an ideal sportsbook to explore. However, everyone aims to earn some funds, whereas gambling ought to be entertainment-based.

Among the entire sportsbooks we already come across & out to test, Certainly, Bovada is the most exclusive, to establish gambling an enjoyable encounter.

One thing to note is that Bovada Sports won't accept “sharps.” Professional bettors (or someone likely to drop a thousand or more on a game) are better off at a book like Mybookie.

Following the recent improvements, Bovada already proves that they get readily prepared to keep succeeding.

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