EcoCard Payment | A Perfect substitute for MasterCard

ECOCARDEcoCard Payment | A Perfect substitute for MasterCard

Analysis of a functional payment option titled EcoCard, which is exchangeable with the popular MasterCard, surfaces around year 2000 & effective across a number exceeding 150 distinct regions & 45 currencies

EcoCard Payment | A Perfect substitute for MasterCard

What’s Hot

  • It operates alongside a diverse form of currencies
  • It considers alongside top-most security
  • Its works fine & adaptable alongside MasterCard

Ecocard-supported Sportsbooks


EcoCard payment system operates perfectly well across a lot of various parts of the continent, likewise currencies. Therefore, it's no longer that it includes among the favorite & broadly endorsed banking systems across the sportsbooks gambling sector.

About Ecocard Payment Approach

EcoCard payment option surfaces among its peers right from the year 2000 & already maintains its excellent reputation in offering transaction operations to various users across the universe.

Ecocard functions effectively across a number exceeding 150 distinct regions & 45 currencies, whereby it's not something new any longer in the business of the sportsbooks sector.

Usage Procedures of Ecocard

Peradventure, you are yet to get an account with EcoCard, then such player must create any ahead of making deposits.

It's quite straightforward & fast to create an account with Ecocard. Also, it never requires any money to enroll in the services. The system has resemblances to Netflix or eBay techniques to a greater extent/

Users of Ecocard will get to observe that performing transfers & withdrawal requests executed alongside EcoCard is like a piece of cake & demand some little taps to finish up the deal.

Across the payment segment, choose the Ecocard as the preferred option & comply with the subsequent commands across the display. Users can select Mastercard alternatives for bookies that do not include Ecocard among its transaction alternatives.

This payment system exhibits exact features just like Mastercards, comprising of a 16-figure card identification, date of expiration, likewise, the three-digit figure at the back of the card. Also, have in mind that Ecocard functions perfectly as a substitute for Mastercard.

These days, lovers of sports gambling take great delight with engaging their gambling pursuits right across the tip of their hands regardless of their location, whereby this is made possible & comfortably with EcoCard.

Irrespective of any situation an individual finds him or herself, he/she can deposit their EcoCard wallet straight to their dashboard with the sportsbook’s platform through the mobile app of this payment method. Interestingly, Ecocard has an app. You can download & install this payment system app across all Android, apple gadgets.

Please have in mind EcoCard never impose any form of banking charges, however, it’s not strange.