Golden Lion Casino Review

Golden Lion casino was created by the Blue Media group in 2016. With just three years of existence to their name, not much would be expected from them but you never can tell, you might end up surprised after checking out our review and rating of all the features and gaming experience that the casino offers.


A lot of you might not have heard of the Blue Media group so telling you that the casino was created by this group would not do much good but it would interest you to know that the group involved in the creation of this casino are the owners of the popular Supernova and Eclipse casinos. Like most of their other casinos, the gaming affairs of the Golden Lion casino is piloted by the Curacao gaming authorities and the casino games are powered by Rival Company.

After the Blue media group announced the creation of the Golden Lion casino in 2016, the anticipation of the gaming experience the casino's initial review left on customers was very high. A lot of exciting bonus and intriguing features was expected from the casino. After three years of existence, the casino might still be able to boast of exciting bonuses and a unique platform but the reviews left by players on their payment methods does not precede the casino’s reputation.

Golden Lion Casino – Gaming Platform 

You would hardly find any fault with the gaming platform provided by the casino. As soon as you click on the casino’s URL, the first picture that meets the eye is the $3000 welcome offer that they provide to players with a very attractive background theme filled with pictures of golden lions that would certainly make you feel like a king.

The platform provides options for numerous activities such as checking out the gaming features, payment options, types of games provided etc. we had to deduct a point from the gaming platform provided because they did not offer players the opportunity of exploring their demo version without registration. You can check out the collection of games available at the site without the need to register but if you want to play whether for fun or real money, you must register fully with the site.

Golden Lion Casino – Bonus offer 

With the type of bonus offers provided it’s obvious that Blue Media certainly knows how to attract players to their casinos. As soon as you register with the casino, you would get 50x play through free chips to stake within the casino, this free chip does not require a deposit, the only demand placed on you is registration.

After making a deposit to the casino, you would be liable to enjoy a $3000 bonus offer depending on how much you deposited. If you make a deposit of $300 which is quite huge, you would be liable to receive a $1000 bonus. A deposit lesser than that would earn you a lesser bonus offer but the minimum deposit required to qualify for a bonus offer is $25.

Although the deposit amount required to earn the bonus offer is quite high but the casino provided the offer for your first two deposit. So if you are not able to claim a huge deal of it in the first deposit then a huge second deposit can help you get a better bonus return. The reason we deducted up to 1.5 marks from the bonus offer is due to the games limitations and the high wagering requirement placed on it.


Curacao gaming authorities are the commission piloting all the gaming affairs carried out in the casino. It’s certainly a trusted company but only has jurisdiction in Curacao making it impossible for it to tackle issues outside their jurisdiction. So if a casino licenced by the country goes rouge elsewhere only the servers in the country can be shut down. Although it can be trusted to handle all the Golden lion casino’s affairs but adding another license to their name would do a lot of good.

Rival gaming is the software providers powering their casino so you can be assured of payout, authentic games and no issues of rigging since their games are running on an RNG software. The casino also ensured that customer’s data are safe by using an SSL encryption to secure their database.

Payment Options 

Blue media might have provided all the necessary payment options to enable efficiency in their casino games but the time frame and fees attached to this payment options have left a lot of complaints from players.

You can make use of visa, Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, Paysafecard etc. to make deposit or withdrawal. Making a deposit can be done instantly but for new players, withdrawal might take over 2 weeks before it can be fully processed with a very high withdrawal fee attached.

Customers Service 

It’s impossible for us not deduct even 0.1 form the customer service provided by the casino. With the impressive 24/7 customer service that their players enjoy and the FAQ section provided, you would hardly get any complaint of players being stranded while playing the casino games. If you have a pending problem that requires immediate attention, you can make use of the casino's toll-free helpline or their live chat option which would reply immediately.

In a case where your complaint is not that urgent and can wait for a while, you can make use of the email service provided. Accessing the platform can be done via English and French. The casino is restricted to a few countries, so try to contact the customer service to check if your country has access to the casino before registering.


Golden Lion casino does provide a lot of intriguing casino games and exciting bonus offers but their payment issue needs to be adjusted. The main reason players grace the reels of a casino is to raise funds in the fastest way possible, you won’t find a lot of players that would be willing to wait for such a long time before receiving their wins.

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