If the Martingale leaves you with high blood pressure, you may want to try this system, which is called The Hollandish.

Begin betting with one unit until your first win. Then try and claw back any previous losses with the following progression.

The usual progression steps for the Hollandish are: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Lets say we start on 1. Keep betting 1 until you win, then move up the progression, betting 3 until you have clawed back any losses incurred. As soon as you move into profit at that stage, you head back to your first bet.
If you don´t move into profit after 3 bets at the next level, move up to the next level (5 in this case) and try and claw back losses at this level. Again for 3 bets, and so on.

You must have a strict profit target and stop loss when playing the Hollandish so that losses don´t run away with you on a bad run, and to make sure you lock in profits on a good run. It´s a similar idea to The Martingale (a negative progression system)- only the bets don´t accelerate quite as aggressively.

If you want to increase your risk, you can also double this progression up (start betting with 2) or even triple it, the so called Double Hollandish and Triple Hollandish, for example.

Single Hollandish (Standard Hollandish)

Double Hollandish

Triple Hollandish

The Hollandish progression is most often used by roulette, blackjack and craps players.