Losing streaks

Losing streaks BettingSo if there is no such thing as a law of averages, why the hell wouldn't my losing streak come to an end? Losing streaks are horrible, demoralising, destructive sequences, which can be a real drain on mental and financial resources. Most gamblers will, at some time or another, go on a lengthy losing streak.

Unfortunately it is all part of the game.The length of a losing streak tends to depend upon the investor's long-term strike rate, which is the ration of winners to bets placed. The more frequently you can back a winner, the less time it will normally be before a run of losses is curtailed.

This can be helped along by ensuring 3 things proper research and information, elimination of highly speculative bets and an increase in the number of short-odds bets.People also going on winning streaks, but these don't tend to last as long, principally because the more successful a gambler becomes, the more likely they are to get a bit bullish about their bets, and put money down on silly outside bets that have little chance of bringing home the bacon. When you find yourself on a winning streak, you should not bet under the mistaken belief that you are hot and that you can't lose, otherwise you quickly will do.

You should stick to the basic plan of understanding the market, evaluating the competition and looking for value among the odds on offer from the bookmakers.