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There are two ways to golf as a sport, either you are a fan or you dislike this sport, you can’t sit in the fence! Some Americans are die-hard golf fans while others utterly detest this sport.

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Golf lovers in the US find it exciting to bet on the outcome and tournaments of their favourite sport. In the same way with sport betting and other gambling activities, betting on golf is overwhelming for a greenhorn in the betting world. Casino US eases golf betting for new punters by providing helpful guides as they set to bet on this ball and round-hole sport.


Golf BettingGolf as an ancient sport, has gotten to the green pitch since 15th century when the Scottish unveiled the hole-seeking game. The game takes the same shape since inception.

Nevertheless, there has been remarkable evolution in the equipment used in playing this game and some of the rules have been fine-tuned over the years to make the appeal to the masses. As a new punter, willing to bet on golf, you are on track!


Many punters are misinformed about sport betting in the US and so considered betting as an illegal action. Without beating about the bush, the reverse is the case; there is no legislation against online betting in the US.

Although, sport betting involves a lot of inconsistencies, and falsehood at times, therefore many of the states do not permit physical betting shops except few ones like Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Colorado.

Thus, in the remaining states, it’s a sin to carry out betting activities in the public. Conversely, players in the US choose to bet with any of the online bookmakers that allow American punters.

The law against gambling also prohibits the operation online betting site in the US but does not stop citizens from gambling on betting site outside the US.


Before dishing out our first-hand betting tips to our American audience, we think it is best to first understand various betting options that most bookmakers offer.

Although different bookmakers avail their punters with distinct betting options. in order to give our audience the best knowledge of betting options, we have compiled a list of the most popular ones. Most of these betting options are also available on other common American sport.

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One of the commonest sport betting types out there is the moneyline bet. It’s simply a system in which punters have to stake high to get any serious income from their bets.

As far as the betting on the US golf events is a concern, the moneyline method of betting is similar to the sport betting routine. For instance, if you have a golfer with odd of -300 on an event with an opponent that has +250 odds, in simple terminology, the golfer with the lower odd -300 is the favourite. To win $100 on the -300 odds, a punter has to stake $300.

While a punter backing the underdog with +250 odds needs just $100 to win $250, peradventure the underdog wins. The higher the odds the more the punters earn from their wager. Moneyline bet is very simple to understand but not the best betting option. Thus, only very large amount would win something worthwhile with this method.


Top-three bets can be compared to placing a show bet. The same applies to bets on horse racing. If you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket by backing one horse to win.

You can simply place a top-three bet on your favourite horse, which is safer than backing one horse to win. Similarly, the same applies when you bet that a golfer will be among the top three in a tournament.

If you are not confident enough that your favourite golfer will win a tournament, you can opt for the top three bets. The winning from this type of bet is significantly small, even smaller than the payout from the moneyline bet. But lesser risk is involved.

Some informed punters try this type of bet on underdog whose recent form is fascinating. The odds and the anticipated winning are small but hardly would this golfer miss out the top three. Luckily, when this bet plays, its income can save the day.

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Placing this type of bet, you need to know the favourite between the two golfers involved. Also, head-to-head bet is a form of live golf betting which is made possible due to the fact that golfers are paired with one another after the commencement of the tournament. This leaves punters with the opportunity to bet on their favourite golfer.

Also, the golfer doesn’t need to win the tournament but must outclass that immediate opponent. Each of the golfers will have their odds, only to bet on the golfer that will perform better.


In golf betting category on many bookmakers ‘sites, numerous betting options abound. Sportsbooks on golf feature the local tournaments as well as other golf championship around the world. The most familiar golf tournament in the US is the PGA, tournaments such as the Master, Open Championships and the US Open are also well-known.

PGA itself has numerous golf events that punters can bet on. Women PGA also exists, where over 40 golfers will clash on different occasions. There are countless golfing events in the US let alone the daily golfing events in other countries across the globe.

Few among the most notable golfing events across the globe include the PGA Australia, PGA European Tour, Japan Tour, and South Africa’s League of Sunshine. As many golfing events take place around the world almost every day, it shouldn’t be difficult for punters to figure out events to bet on.

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Golf betting USA tips and tricks


Winning a large sum of money in sport betting is not an easy task. Moreover, it might seem difficult and money consuming to new punters that want to get underway with betting.

With many sports categories and available betting options, newcomers might be confused about where to start. Therefore, we researched and compiled few beneficial steps that will suffice new players as they start to bet on golf. Read and get on with the steps below, and start winning money from golf betting as soon as possible.


Prior to betting, few important steps have to be taken, the first and most important step is to sign up with the right online bookmaker. Signing up with wrong bookies usually end up in awful betting experience.

The nonchalant bookmakers provide worse odds for punters and might not pay the bettors after winning or delay payment beyond measure. Thus, it is better to make the right decision in signing up with bookies.

The best bookmakers will provide punters with a variety of options at reasonable prices and guarantee payment of punters’ winnings provided the punters abide by the rules. Most of these reputable bookies have significantly high welcome bonuses.


For new punters, we recommend that they start simple bets that can easily be comprehended. Also, we advise that bets should be placed to back the favourite at the start. Although, one would win less money (around ¾ of one’s bet) betting on favourite.

But these type of bets have higher chances of coming to play. Head-to-head betting method is highly recommended. His way, you increase your understanding and win easily.

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More like the previous tip, it’s a basic idea and therefore we recommend that new players back the big names in golf. This involves less risk and actually the simplest way to make money from your bets.

In this case, the winnings might be very small, but there is joy in winning small amounts than losing everything. When placing this kind of bet, one should be fully aware of the fact that unknown golfer (underdog) might win the tournament but the big names have higher chances of doing so.


The early bird catches the worm- applies to betting as well. Most of the new players do not realise the benefits of betting early. Thus, they only rush to bet just few minutes to the event.

Moreover, betting early can result in outstanding payouts. For instance, if we have an oncoming tournament, it is advisable to bet earlier on the head-to head options.

Because the odds for the favourite will depreciate more and more as the event gets closer. As a result, meagre payout will result bet is placed closer to the event. The process of odd reduction is a strategy of the bookie to urge players to back the underdog.

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