The Pivot system

Onlinebetting.orgThe Pivot system is most often played on roulette and is makes use of the fact that over the course of 36 spins of a roulette wheel, you are unlikely to see 36 individual numbers come up (as you will have no doubt experienced). This is because many numbers repeat.

In fact there is a law called the Law of the Third (more on that later) that predicts that you will be more likely to see 24 (or 2/3s) individual numbers in a 36 spin session of a 36 number wheel.

Now here´s where the Pivot System comes in. To play the Pivot system, you are basically looking for “hot” numbers, or numbers that repeat. Make sure you have a piece of paper, and sit out the spins- just take a note of the numbers. You are looking for the first number to repeat (a process called Pivot Number Fishing).

Let´s say you see the following numbers:
22, 3, 17, 8, 12, 4, 32, 32.

In this example, your pivit number is 32.

From the next spin, you are going to place a single number bet on 32 until it either hits, or you have made 35 bets (whichever is the sooner). As the casino pays out 35:1 on these kinds of inside bets, the sooner the hot number hits again, the higher your return on investment. If it doesn´t hit in 35 spins, then you are down 35 of course.

Keep a track of the numbers, as you can either play this on single numbers, or start betting on another hot number as another repeats. Make sure you have a good system for noting the repeaters (we use a highlighter pen), as betting on hot numbers in parallel can get confusing.

So does this work? Firstly- a big caveat here. If you are playing roulette, the wheel has no memory. If the number 32 landed on hte last spin, it doesn´t make it any more or less likely to land on the next spin. That´s just the law of probability, I am afraid.

But give it a test- at the very least, this gives you a strict plan to your session (how much you are betting, when to pull out if you hit a profit), when to leave the table if you hit your stop loss.

Just don´t expect any miraculous improvements in your odds. These are set by the phyical design of the roulette wheel and the payout 8that the casino controls).