Whittacker Progression System

The Whittacker Progression System is a betting system that is generally used on even money bets in roulette. It can also be played on other casino games such as craps.

The Whittacker is in many way like the Labouchere:

Like the Labouchere, you write out your progression on a piece of paper before you play (unless you have a very good memory. Whereas in the Labouchere the initial and last bets on a losing run are added together (and struck off when you are winning), when you play the Whittacker progression you add the last 2 losing bets. This means your bets accelerate faster following a sequence of losses (which means you will claw back losses faster after a win, but obviously it increases your overall exposure).

Given that the bets ramp up quicker, start off low- say with a single unit bet.

Let´s run through an example of the Whitacker in action:

You start with 2. Bet 2 again if you win.
Then bet as follows:
1,2,3,5,8,13. etc

You´ll notice that this is basically the Fibonacci system. What´s the difference? Well, it´s mostly a case of how you plan your session from the start. With the Fibonacci, you progress through the bets following a fibonacci sequence.

With the Whittacker, you plan in advance, how much you want to risk at the table, and build out your Whitaker progression accordingly. Then, you aim is to strike off all of the numbers and close out your session.

Like all progression systems, This will not alter the odds in your favour- it´s importany to understand that. But it will make you bet more methodically, and for this reason we prefer the Whittacker approach to the basic Fibonacci (albeit the difference between the systems is basically a style of play).