Types of Gamblers Psychology

Psychology BettingAlmost everyone gambles at some point in their life. It is inevitable. Whether in an organised or structured format for fun or profit, in career terms for financial gain, in relationships for happiness, or in one of millions of other life choices we make, you are always exposed to the risk of failure. Like it or not, we are all gamblers.

Why some people choose to pursue gambling as a recreational activity, however, is a different matter altogether.

The first reason is probably excitement. That’s not to say that a gambler’s life would otherwise be boring, but the thrill of backing a winner and watching it come home can certainly match other hobbies for adrenalin and excitement. Some people just aren’t cut out to go to the theatre.

The difference is, there is no real downside to taking a language class, going cycling or pursuing some other activity. When you gamble money regularly, you have to endure those days where nothing goes right and you lose. And lose. And lose again. It’s a bit like regularly going to watch a struggling lower division football side. You keep going because the thrill of those moments where you win is so great that it seems worthwhile to keep hoping that the next moment of elation will come along sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, this is what makes gambling so addictive. If you win, you want to taste victory again and will be encouraged to enter into more bets by your recent success. If you lose, you need to bet again to try and quickly expunge the bitter taste of defeat. For some people, this can be a vicious and almost unbreakable cycle.

It is important then, that if you are planning to bet regularly, that you learn and practice the art of self-discipline. You cannot allow yourself to bet based on emotion, or you too will risk being drawn into that ever-decreasing destructive circle. Consider gambling as a mental challenge – a game of skill played to test one’s intellect, rather than an emotional thrill-seeking rollercoaster ride, and you will be half way to winning the battle.