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888sport online betting bonusSoccer betting has been around for hundreds of years because it is one of the most popular sports. Soccer is also one of the most bet on sport in the world right now with millions of people laying bets every year through online sportsbooks. There are numerous online sportbooks out there that allow people from any country to bet on soccer. It is in your best interest to know which of these online sports books are the best. has tried out hundreds of sportsbooks, and have narrowed the field down to the cream of the crop. Listed below are the top online sportsbooks for soccer betting.

In soccer the most common bets you can perform are either straight bets which is where you pick the winning team or draw. You can also bet on the point spread which is where the favorite team needs to win by the given amount of points. If the spread is -1.5 then the team needs to win by two points for you to win, and if you take the underdog then the team can lose by one, but no more then that. The final bet that is common when betting on soccer is the total score. You can choose to pick over and under the given amount of goals, for instance if the total is -2.5 then there would need to be three goals in the game to win on over and under three to win on the under.

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There are also special bets you can make at sports gambling websites, but the odds on these tend to not be as favorable, so we'll leave those for you to discover on your own as you shouldn't really be betting on anything except the above in the beginning. Unless you know what you're doing I also don't recommend betting on the point spread in a game because it becomes more difficult to win with the spread involved.

Most online sportbooks also allow their bettors to view soccer games through live streaming on there websites which is another reason so many people bet on soccer. It's a lot more entertaining when you can watch the action live, and it's one of the only sports that is streamed online for bettors. With so many different leagues in soccer you'll need to find out which league you know best because it's nearly impossible to follow all the leagues. Some of the most profitable betting in soccer takes place during World Cup events and UEFA events.

It's not difficult to get involved in the world of soccer betting and you can be up in running within hours, although it takes awhile to start becoming profitable. Unlike playing blackjack online you can actually be a profitable bettor over time wagering on soccer games that you have studied. You'll need to spend time capping games, reading forums and analyzing stats if you want to become profitable. If you think you're ready to get involved in betting on soccer then all you need to do is follow the links above to the sportsbook of your choice and sign-up for your account today.

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