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Law of averages

Like Murphy’s law, the law of averages is not one that would hold any sway in court and nor is it any more true or applicable! Many people mistakenly believe ….

Probability Betting


Probability is the chance of an event occurring, as expressed on a scale of 0 to 100, where zero equals & no chance or impossible and 100 equals a certainty. ….

Kelso 888 sportsbook online bet


There has probably never been a horse before or since who has dominated racing for such a long period as Kelso. He raced for 8 years during which he was ….

Sir Barton

Sir Barton was the first Triple Crown winner and had to face many obstacles to reach this prestigious standing. He was 0 for 6 as a two-year old and was ….

War Admiral online horse betting

War admiral

War Admiral was a smaller copy of his famous father Man O’ War. He was considered Man O’ War’s best offspring. War Admiral reached his peak as a three-year old. ….


Whirlaway was considered a mentally impaired horse that could be a danger to himself and those around him. He was prone to adventurous trips around the track. Ben Jones’s patience ….

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Honor The Hero

When a ligament injury forced him into retirement in February 1996, Honor the Hero had already proven he was an exceptional equine athlete. The then-eight-year-old gelding had 13 wins, eight ….

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Dr Frager

A colt by Rough’n Tumble out of Aspidistra, Dr. Fager wasn’t very impressive as a foal. He had two club feet and was rather clumsy, and his proportions were a ….

Famous Horses

Here a short list of famous horses in the history of Champion Horse Racer: Gallant-Fox Kelso Omaha Sir Barton War Admiral Whirlaway Click here for your x3 Odds 888sport (UK ….

Gallant Fox Horse 888sportsbook online

Gallant Fox

Gallant Fox represented a shifting in the standards of American breeding. Gallant Fox was one of the first horses to show what direction American racing was headed for. He was ….